Iloilo Tourist Spots

Iloilo Tourist Spots

Experience the value of a real vacation. Discover Iloilo, a province rich in historical and cultural attractions, home of the famous Dinagyang festival, stately mansions, majestic century-old churches, unspoiled countryside and exotic delicacies.

Featured Iloilo Attractions

Iloilo City Attractions

Iloilo is most known for its old buildings and churches, which are reminders of its rich history, cultural, and affluence. Food is also another thing that Iloilo is known for. Destinations in the City of Iloilo can be conveniently accessed by jeepney, taxi, or private vehicle. Though, most of the sights, especially in the city proper, are just within walking distance from each other.

Northern Iloilo Attractions

Northern Iloilo is most distinct from other places in Iloilo. Unlike Southern Iloilo, the coast of Northern Iloilo is dotted with islands bordered by white sand beaches and blue waters. Iloilo’s seafood industry is mostly concentrated in these parts because of its rich marine resources. Nothern Iloilo towns can be accessed by riding a Bus or Jeepney in Tagbak Terminal (also called Northern Iloilo Terminal) in Jaro District.

Southern Iloilo Attractions

Southern Iloilo is mostly composed of coastal towns characterized by a long stretches of grey sand beaches while the interior towns are dominated by hilly to mountainous terrain. You can catch a jeep going to Southern Iloilo towns in the Iloilo Terminal Market (located in the City Proper, right beside Robinsons Place), in front of Iloilo Supermart – Molo Branch (in Molo District Plaza), or in Mohon Terminal in Oton.

West Central Iloilo Attractions

West Central Iloilo is characterized by a predominantly agro-industrial economy. The towns offer different kinds of attractions from centuries old churches, recreational centers, to waterfalls and a mountain lake. West Central Iloilo can be accessed by riding a jeepney in Ungka Terminal in Jaro District (located in front of Christ the King Cemetery).

East Central Iloilo Attractions

East Central Iloilo is a mix of coastal and inland towns. The inland towns are the big rice producing towns in Iloilo except for Passi City, which is known for its Sugar Industry while the coastal town of Dumangas is characterized by hectares of fishponds and salt beds. East Central Iloilo towns can be accessed by riding a jeep or bus in Tagbak Terminal in Jaro.

South Central Iloilo Attractions

South Central Iloilo is composed of Alimodian, Leon, and San Miguel. The three towns are often referred to as “ALEOSAN.” Jeepneys going to ALEOSAN can be found at the Jaro Big Market.