Smallville Complex

Smallville Complex is a popular dining and nightlife destination in Iloilo where Ilonggos and visitors go to eat, drink, and spend a fun night out in the city.

The term “Smallville” originally referred to the row of restaurants, bars, and clubs beside Iloilo Business Hotel. Now, when locals say “Smallville,” they usually mean the whole commercial complex.

Low and Mid-rise buildings in Smallville Complex seen from Don Nonato Pison Ave., Mandurriao

Hotels in Smallville

Smallville attracts a growing number of hotels due to its easy accessibility and prime location. Hotels within Smallville Complex include:

Smallville Guide and Recommendations

  • Dance Clubs. If you’re planning to spend the night on the dance floor and experience Iloilo’s lively nightlife, check out Aura, Flow, and MO2 Ice. Aura and Flow cater to the more upscale crowd, while MO2 Ice attracts the biggest crowd of party goers. Best time to go for a night out is during weekends when the crowd literally fills up Smallville.
  • Bars. There are a lot of choices in Smallville when it comes to getting your alcohol fix. Local beers are sold at an average price of P50 per bottle. Here are some choices (aside from the dance clubs already mentioned):Coffee Shops. Coffee Break is the most popular coffee shop in Smallville and has a nice ambiance. If you’re craving for desserts, try Nothing But Desserts.
    • Restaurants that offer great food to pair with a bottle of beer is Bourbon Street (American Bistro / American-Italian). A cheaper alternative is Griller’s Oyster Bar.
    • Dependable bars include MO2 Resto-bar, Club21, Shipwreck/Pirates, and B Place. These places offer cold beer at reasonable prices. They are great choices if you’re just planning on drinking while enjoying the company of friends. The cheapest place to drink in Smallville are Go Mart and Tuki, which are basically convenient stores with tables at their storefront.
    • JAQ’s has a bit more character than the other bars in Smallville. There’s a live band playing a good selection of rock music every night.
  • Restaurants. Smallville is an excellent dining destination in Iloilo City. There’s a lot of restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines in Smallville. Here are some recommendable choices:Karaoke (KTV) Bars. MO2 Annex and Smallville21 are the most popular choice for renting KTV rooms and are reasonably priced. The cheapest KTV rooms are located in Pirates.
    • Mid-range (expect to spend at least P500 to P1,000 for a meal good for two)
      • Afriques (Italian) – reasonably priced; Italian food with local flair
      • Mohave Grill and Steakhouse (American Southwest) – delicious steaks; generous servings
      • Amalfi (Italian) – great ambiance; most extensive wine list
      • Bauhinia (Filipino fusion) – delicious Filipino food with a twist
      • Bourbon Street (American Bistro) – famous for its BBQ baby back ribs
    • Budget
      • Mang Inasal

Original Smallville Strip

Shops within the original Smallville strip include: Guilligans, Picanto (Bar), Crave Restaurant and Steak House, Krua Thai, Amicos Pizza, JAQs (Bar), and the Iloilo Business Hotel.

The original Smallville Complex and the new second level mezzanine

Smallville has been very successful in Iloilo. Over the years, newer buildings and shops that have sprouted in the complex. Smallville continues to be the prime entertainment and dining center of the city. Even more developments in Smallville are expected within the next few years.

MO2 Complex

MO2 Complex consist of Westown Hotel, MO2 Restaurant/Bar, Aquarium (Club), Ice (Club), MO2 Annex (Billiards and KTV) and the El Dorado Waterpark. The Mo2 resto-bar is one of the earliest establishments and has attracted a huge following over the years. If you’re planning on renting KTV Rooms, MO2 Annex is your go to place. Mo2 Ice, is one of the more popular dance clubs in Smallville.

Westown Hotel

MO2 Annex KTV Rooms

El Dorado Waterpark

The Avenue Complex

If you’re looking for a place to eat delicious food and enjoy a nice ambiance, definitely check out the restaurants at the Avenue Complex. Aura is a great place to spend the night out on the dance floor. At The Avenue, you’ll find: Coffee Break, Nothing but Desserts, Bauhinia (Filipino), Mojave Grill and Steak House (Southwest American), Amalfi (Italian), Aura (Club), Mr. Crab and Co. (Seafood), Terra (Mediterranean), E-Games, and Bourbon Street  (Southwest American).

Smallville21 Complex

Smallville21 is one of the newer establishments in Smallville, it consist of the Smallville21 Hotel, Smallville21 KTV Rooms, and Go Mart Convenience Store.

Riverside Boardwalk

The Riverside Boardwalk is an excellent place to enjoy the more relaxed side of Smallville. At this riverside strip you’ll find: B Place, Ramboy’s (Filipino/Local) Blue Ocean, Azulle, Oriental Wok, Red Paprika


Within the Vertex building are: Tuki, Griller’s Oyster House

Two-storey commercial building

Club21 Resto-bar, Club21 KTV Rooms, Deco’s La Paz Batchoy, Mang Inasal, Flow Superclub

Red Square Complex

Afriques, Electronic Bingo.

(Old Photo of Red Square Complex)

Shipwreck Restaurant and Pirates Bar

Shipwreck (Restaurant/Bar), Pirates (Club)

Ayala Technohub

The Ayala Technohub in Smallville is the first major investment by real estate giant Ayala Land in Iloilo City. The first building is expected to be fully operation by the end of 2011. The ground floor will be occupied by food shops and retail stores, which the upper floors are leased out to BPO companies.

Other establishments in the Smallville Complex include:

Skinetics Medical Spa Underconstruction

Medicus Condo-clinics (soon to be Medicus Medical Center)

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  • Address: Smallville Complex, Diversion Road, Mandurriao District, Iloilo City

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