Find out the latest population levels in Iloilo. The data is based from the 2007 Population Census recently released by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Listed here are demographic information of Iloilo including 2007 population levels, annual population growth rate (2000-2007), projected 2008 population level, and population density (persons per square kilometers).

2007 Iloilo population data

Here are the 2007 Population Census data:

Iloilo Province Population Census for 2007

Iloilo City and Metro Iloilo – Guimaras Population Census for 2007

Population Census for 2007 of the Philippines and of Selected Cities

Rankings of Towns in Iloilo Province by 2007 Population Level, Population Growth Rate, and Population Density

The recently released 2007 Population Census has been a subject of some politicians in Iloilo. They are lobbying to create a new congressional district in Iloilo in addition to the current five. The new population data supports the creation of the new district because a congressional district must have a minimum of 250,000 constituents and Iloilo Province is already in excess of 1.5M constituents. The new district will be created to avoid having 250,000 Ilonggos being underrepresented in Congress.

source: National Statistics Office