If you’ve looking for a place in Boracay where you can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing side of the island, then you must check-out Alta Vista de Boracay, an exclusive residential-hotel sprawled spread across the rolling hills on the northern half of the island. Vacationers staying in Alta Vista de Boracay are assured of great service, well maintained facilities, and a sense of privacy not possible on the crowded White Beach.

Alta Vista de Boracay offers a great panoramic view of Northern Boracay providing a refreshingly different angle of the island’s famed sunset. At the highest part of the complex is the front office, restaurant, and gorgeous infinity pool.

The whole development is inspired by South East Asian culture and features 17 mid-rise buildings, comprising of 500 tastefully designed rooms, named after famous mountains around the world.

You can choose to stay in buildings like Apo (the Philippines’ highest mountain), Mont Blanc, Circeo, Dinara, Everest, Fuji, Galatea, Hymettus, Illiniza, Jade, Keira, Lhotse, Markham, Nevado, Olympus and Quebec.

Alta Vista de Boracay has a private access to Puka Beach, one of Boracay’s least developed beaches ensuring guests a glimpse of what Boracay used to look like before the wave of tourism developments. The resort also has a complimentary shuttle to White Beach, which is just 5 minutes away. Alta Vista Boracay Island Hotel is an ideal setting for family vacations, getaways, honeymoons and even corporate meetings.

Puka Beach

Alta Vista de Boracay also provides a great service they call the “island concierge,” where guests can request the resort to plan their entire stay on the island by giving the best tips on where to go and what to do. With the help of the Island Concierge staff, guest can choose from a wide range of dining options, leisure activities, water sports and island tours so that guests can fit each aspect of Boracay into their stay.


Paraw Sailing

For inquires and bookings you can contact Alta Vista de Boracay at:

Borcacay Office

Alta Vista de Boracay Barangay Yapak,
Boracay Island Malay, Aklan,
5608 Philippines

Tel: (63)+(36) 288.9888
Fax: (63)+(36) 288.4801/03

Manila Office

5th Flr. DMCI Homes Corporate Center, 1321 Apolinario Street, Barangay Bangkal
Makati City 1200 Philippines

Tel. (63) + (2) 403-2672 (BORA)

Website:  www.altavistadeboracay.com.ph
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Flr. DMCI Homes Corporate Center, 1321 Apolinario Street, Barangay Bangkal

Makati City 1200 Philippines


Tel. (63) + (2) 403-2672 (BORA)

Email:  www.altavistadeboracay.com.ph