Join the Pagtaltal sa Guimaras and witness the devotion of Guimarasnons through a street play presentation of the life of Christ. The Pagtaltal is a major event in Guimaras that continually attracts local and foreign tourists because of the passionate portrayal of Christ’s tribulations.

On April 2, 2010 (Good Friday), the street play will start at around 1pm  in the “smallest plaza” and will continue simultaneously with the procession and end on top of Balaan Bukid.

APRIL 1-2, 2010 (Holy Thursday and Good Friday)

  • Ortiz to Pook Landing (Bala-an Bukid) –>> ENTRY ONLY (passengers going back to Iloilo will pass Brgy Hoskyn (Sanao) and go through Jordan Wharf
    –>> Php 17.00 fare
  • Ortiz to Jordan Wharf (vice versa) –>> ENTRANCE/EXIT (Php 13.00 fare)
  • Jordan Wharf to Lagbas, Hoskyn (Bala-an Bukid) (vice versa) –>> Php 10.00
  • Jordan Wharf to Jordan Municipal Hall, St. John the Baptist Church, Smallest Plaza (vice versa) –>> Php 7.00

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: On April 2, 2010 (Good Friday)

    • 6:00am to 10am –>> Road going to Bala-an Bukid –>> Open for Normal Traffic
    • 10:00am to 11:00am –>> Until RORO Wharf ONLY
    • 11:00am –>> CLOSED TRAFFIC (Poblacion and Hosyn Roads)

Traffic will open after the street play has passed the road from the smallest plaza to jordan municipal hall to the intersection of hoskyn and rizal.

  • 3:00PM –>> Hoskyn to Jordan Wharf (vice versa) –>> OPEN FOR NORMAL TRAFFIC