Wrapped up with our hectic schedules these days, it’s hard to find a moment of peace. It is essential to find time to de-stress, think and re-energize. Setting aside a few moments a week to pamper the self will make a huge difference. At Spa Centrale, we are committed to give each and every client an experience of purposeful leisure summed in our company philosophy of LIVE WELL. LOVE LIFE. PAMPER YOURSELF!

Spa Centrale Body and Foot Massage

Spa Centrale is the ultimate relaxation destination. This day spa’s entrance was conceived to give off a peaceful ambiance in its nature minimalist theme of glass, bamboo, river stones and muted lights. A selection of soothing music combined with the spa’s serene setting is a potent mix to relax the senses. Believing that an ideal spa environment is created by a combination of nature and nurture, Spa Centrale placed great emphasis on hiring people with the right attitude and potential and equipping them with the proper training.

Spa Centrale provides privacy for each client with individual rooms equipped with cabinets for the client’s personal belongings. There are male therapists for male clients and female therapists for female clients. The spa’s facilities includes: 10 individual rooms for all body services (massage&scrubs), a 6 seater sauna, Foot Spa room, Facial Area and a mezzanine area with two relaxing chairs for Express Head and Back Massage.

Spa Centrale is the innovator of the Spa Party – the latest trend that mixes fun and leisure. Be it a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, corporate meetings, or any special occasion, Spa Party Centrale comes in 3 affordable packages: P5, 000.00 package for a group of 10; P10, 000.00 for a group of 15 and P15, 000.00 for a group of 20. The package includes spa services, exclusive use of the spa, buffet set-up and a complimentary bottle of red wine for the celebrant.

In its three years of operation, Spa Centrale has proven to its clients that the best spa service can also come at an affordable cost. Spa Centrale has gift certificates available for individual services and for packages. Buy ten gift certificates and get one FREE!

Spa Centrale Iloilo Services

  • Body Massage – 1 hour (Shiatsu, Swedish or Combination) – P300
  • Aromatherapy Massage – 1 hour (Stress Relief, Energizing, Slimming) – P350
  • Bentosa Massage – 1hr & 45 mins – P500
  • Body Scrub – 1 hour (Vanilla, Green Tea, Chamomile, Lavender,
  • Papaya Lemon Whitening, & Peach ) – P350
  • Deep Cleansing Facial – 45 mins. (hypoallergenic products) – P180
  • Foot Scrub – 1 hour – P200
  • Foot Reflex – 40 mins – P150
  • SAUNA only (15 mins.) – P100
  • Express Head and Back Massage – P120

Other pampering perks:

  • Refreshing Package – P500 (Sauna, Body Massage & Facial)
  • Luxurious Package – P700 (Sauna, Body Massage, Foot Scrub & Facial)
  • Indulgence Package – P850 (Sauna, Body Scrub, Body Massage & Facial)

Spa Central Party Packages

Celebrate life’s best moments in our SPA PARTY CENTRALE! Great for or Birthdays, Despididas, Anniversaries, Debuts, Graduations, Corporate Meetings and other special occasions…

  • PARTY PACKAGE 1 – P 5,000
    • Inclusions: Spa services for a maximum of 10
    • Exclusive use of Spa Centrale for 3 hours
    • Buffet set-up for 10 pax
    • Complimentary Bottle of red wine
  • PARTY PACKAGE 2 – P 10,000
    • Inclusions: Spa services for a maximum of 15
    • Exclusive use of Spa Centrale for 4 hours
    • Buffet set-up for 15 pax
    • Complimentary Bottle of red wine
  • PARTY PACKAGE 3 – P 15,000
    • Inclusions: Spa services for a maximum of 15
    • Exclusive use of Spa Centrale for 4 hours
    • Buffet set-up for 15 pax
    • Complimentary Bottle of red wine

Spa Centrale Iloilo Facilities

  • 10 INDIVIDUAL Massage Rooms
  • 5 Facial and Foot Spa Chair
  • 2 Express Head and Back Massage Chair
  • 2 shower rooms
  • 2 restrooms
  • 6 seater sauna
SPA CENTRALE is centrally located at the ground floor of Perpetual Succor Business Center (formerly VEGA) # 38 Jalandoni Street Iloilo City. It’s 20 minutes ride from the airport and 15 minutes ride from the pier. It’s also 5 minutes away from Robinson’s Mall, 10 minutes from SM City and 15 minutes from Gaisano Mall.