Manila’s streets will once again hear the heart pounding beat of the drums as two contingents from Iloilo vie for the championship title in this year’s Aliwan Festival, the festival of festivals, slated this April 26-28, 2007.

Dinagyang is given privilege by the Aliwan Fiesta organizers, as the only festival that will showcase two winning tribes. These tribes are: Tribu Ilonganon winner of the Dinagyang Ati Competition and Tribu Kahilwayan winner of the Kasadyahan Dinagyang Competition. Both tribes recently had a “send off party” last friday to show a sneak peak of their performance for the Aliwan fest in Manila.

I’ve managed to upload the performance videos during the event.  Tribu Ilonganon and  Tribu Kahilwayan’s performance last friday was only a glimpse of their actual performance. Better watch the final performance in Manila also.

Kahilwayan is a cultural festival in a dance-drama from which showcases the events that led to the historic uprising of the Ilonggos against Spain to its ultimate cry of victory and freedom known to us now as the Cry of Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, the performance of Tribu Ilonganon will feature an creative dance interpretation of the modernization of the Ati or original settlers of Panay brought about by the coming of Malayan migrants from Borneo.

There’s tension already up in the atmosphere on who will emerge triumphant as the “best festival” in the country. Will Sinulog’s Lumad Basakanon remain to be Aliwan’s champion? or will the Ilonggo contingents regain their winning spree in the past Aliwan Competitions?

We’re all awaiting to see what the country’s best has to offer. In the meantime, I’ve compiled a collection of the performances of the contingents from the other places in the country who are expected to join this year’s Aliwan brawl at the CCP Grounds.

Sinulog Festival (Lumad Basakanon) of Cebu – 2007 champion

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival of Zamboanga City 2006 champion

Pakalog Festival of Pasig City champion 2006