SM has always been a part of the life of most Ilonggos. They started with SM Delgado, which is in fact the first SM to open outside of Metro Manila. Now, they are still here and continuing to grow, improving their services to Ilonggos. Here’s a rundown of expansions and renovations of SM Malls and Supermarkets in city of Iloilo:

Some parts of SM City Iloilo is currently having an ongoing renovation including the food court, some portions of its department store, and its second floor. Only half of the food court is completed and already open to mall goers. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a picture of it yet but it certainly looks a lot better than before. No update yet with the department store rennovation. Meanwhile, the second floor, which used to be the events center, is currently on the process of rennovation by Teletech for their call center.

There have been news about a proposed “fiesta strip” for SM City Iloilo similar to SM City Cebu and Bacolod. So far, construction has not started yet.

SM Jaro is a stand-alone supermarket (SM Savemore) located near Jaro Plaza. Contrary to previous reports, it did not expand into a two story building rather it only undertook a major renovation. You can now see the building with bright stripes of orange and white. The Jollibee in SM Jaro also underwent a renovation and is now open.

SM Delgado’s Annex building, which was recently completed, is now occupied by Ace Hardware, Max’s, and the soon-to-open Goldilocks.

Earlier this year, a new SM opened in Quintin Salas, Jaro in the form of an SM Savemore. SM Savemore Quintin Salas is a tenant of the the Jaro Town Square.

In related news, SM City had a 3-day sale last week. The cars entering and exiting SM City aggravated the evening rush hour traffic along Diversion Road (Benigno Aquino Ave.). The result was a terrible traffic situation, which lasted for hours. Here are some of the pictures taken during that evening: