It’s yet again (near) the end of the year! Here’s a summary of the performance of Explore Iloilo over the past 12 months. But before I post the stats, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this website. Many thanks to all the visitors, those who commented on the posts, linked some pages, clicked on the ads ^_^, subscribed for advertisements, and those who talked about Explore Iloilo to their friends and family. Those small and big gestures certainly motivate me to continue to do my best, despite my many short comings, to keep developing an online portal for Iloilo.

There are 537 posts in Explore Iloilo with 2,059 comments. From January 1, 2007 to December 24, 2007, Explore Iloilo has attracted 113,914 visits with each visit getting 5.60 pages/visit for a total of and 638,486 Pageviews (stats from Google Analytics).

10 Most Commented Post

  • New Iloilo Airport inauguration in 4 days – 209 comments
  • New Iloilo Airport – 119 comments
  • New Iloilo Airport 2007 update – 99 comments
  • Universities and Colleges in Iloilo – 86 comments
  • New Iloilo airport opens on April 2007 – 31 comments
  • Suggestions – 26 comments
  • New Iloilo Airport now ready for test flights – 25 comments
  • NHI endorses Lopez Jaena name for new Iloilo airport – 25 comments
  • Iloilo’s first flyover to be completed in October 2007 – 23 comments
  • Centennial Resort Hotel and Convention Center – 22 comments

10 Most Viewed Post

  • Providence Iloilo – Real Estate – 12,645 views
  • Savannah Real Estate – 6,849 views
  • New Iloilo Airport 2007 update – 6,639 views
  • New Iloilo Airport – 6,388 views
  • Universities and Colleges in Iloilo – 6,141 views
  • Monte Rosa Residential Estate – 5,414 views
  • Explore Iloilo Forums now available! – 5,202 views
  • New Iloilo airport opens on April 2007 – 4,967 views
  • New Iloilo Airport inauguration in 4 days – 4,780 views
  • Gloria to sign EO for Metro Iloilo, Guimaras economic corridor soon – 3,900 views

The next 6 months will be a tad challenging because I’ll be graduating from my BS Nursing course and finishing up on my thesis and scrubs (luckily my score is 13 right now and only have 2 handles more to go). After that, I’d require intensive concentration for the board exam review and eventually taking the board exams (got my fingers crossed). Nevertheless, a lot of exciting events are going to happen in Iloilo and I’ll still be here to update you all with what’s happening.

Special thanks to the SkyscraperCity Community for the conversations and the friendships.