Hundreds of kilometers of shoreline, and marine sancutaries, have already been badly damaged after the MT Solar 1 sunk, last September 11 or 8-11, discharing
200,000 liters of oil buker fuel to date.

It has already killed the marine biodiversity in the areas that it has so far engulfed, displacing the livelihood of thousands of families in Guimaras that rely on the sea for their income. In the worst affected towns, the people are now relying on relief goods to survive, oil slick – related diseases are going up with one casualty already been reported!

Guimaras badly needs our help, the provincial gov’t can only weep in terror as they have too little resources to combat the gargantuan oil slick that is slowly eating away their homes, lives, and marine sancuaries that they have spent decades of dedication into and I doubt that even the nat’l gov’t has even the technology to combat such a disaster, touted as the largest oil spill and one of the worst environmental disaster that has hit the country.

To cushion the impact of the disaster, Project Sunrise, was created. They are asking for your donation.

The 200,000 liters that have leaked out came from only one chamber of the sunken ship that had burst. It amounts for only 10% of the 2.0 million liters that the ship was carrying when it was hit by the storm. The ship is now under 3,000ft of water and if nothing is done, the extreme water pressure could cause the other chambers to burst discharging the full amount of the bunker fuel into the sea, causing another terrifying disaster that could easily engulf the whole Visayan sea.

It is a scenario that we don’t want to even imagine … so please help out Project Sunrise