Iloilo Bloggers had their fourth meet-up last September 29, 2009 at Green Mango restaurant. It was yet another fulfilling casual meet and greet among bloggers in Iloilo but this time we were joined by some familiar bloggers in the national blogging scene namely, Ms. Janette Toral (SEO Expert and author of Blogging from Home), Aileen Apolo (Country Consultant of Google Philippines), and Jay de Jesus (fellow blogger and internet consultant).

While enjoying our delicious lunch, courtesy of Green Mango, we were able to get to know more about each other and exchange dialogues about their trip to Iloilo, which coincides with the Iloilo IT Week Celebration, and about our blogs.


Many thanks to Green Mango for our lunch. Greet Mango is a fast food chain offering Filipino foods. Their first (and as of this time of writing, only) store is located in Valeria St., near Banco de Oro and SM Delgado. Green Mango will simultaneously be opening two more stores on October 16, 2009 in E. Lopez St., Jaro (near McDonalds and JD Jaro) and in Jaro Plaza. Green Mango is known for their yummy foods at very affordable prices and nicely designed interiors. It will be of no shock if this successful brand will, in the future, be able to penetrate the nationwide market just as many other Ilonggo fastfood chains have successfully done.

Iloilo Bloggers striking a pose with Janette Toral, Aileen Apolo, and Jay de Jesus

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