It’s hard not to fall in love with Iloilo’s laidback and nostalgic vibe after watching DOT Philippines’ newest TV commercial featuring Iloilo for “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” tourism campaign. The video beautifully captures the warmth of Ilonggos, the unhurried ‘retro’ feel of the city’s historic districts, and cleverly describes Iloilo as a place “Where the past is always present.”

You may watch the video by pressing the play button below.

The video starts with various scenes displaying an ancestral house in Iloilo. A vintage radio is turned on and melodious piano instrumental music starts to play in the background. A young girl walks into a room, and then greets her grandmother a traditional “Mano” as a gesture of respect. She sets out to the city riding a Vespa (scooter) and passes by various heritage sites in the city including Casa Mariquit Nelly Garden, and Jaro Cathedral Belfry in Jaro District, Ledesma Mansion (Eagle House) in Ortiz St., Villanueva (International Hotel) Building in Calle Real. She makes a final stop at the Iloilo River Esplanade for a leisurely walk with friends under the sunset twilight.

DOT Philippines added this caption to the video:

Travel to the city where past and present meet. Visit Spanish colonial mansions, uncover secret histories from bygone eras and recharge at breezy seaside eateries. Complete your trip with a night cap at the Iloilo River Esplanade, where you can enjoy a view filled with city lights and stars.

The Philippines Facebook Page had also shared it with this to say:

Maayong hapon! That’s “good afternoon” in Ilonggo, the language of Iloilo City! Known for its rich culture and history, Iloilo is where you’ll find ancestral homes of generations past that still stand strong today. It’s in Iloilo where the past is always the present. Warning: May cause nostalgia!

Here are some of the reactions and comments of netizens:

Jim Lee (on Youtube) writes:

Ilo-ilo is like Havana in this ad.

Marl Patrick Borro (on Facebook) writes:

If Vigan has houses during the spanish era then Iloilo has buildings built during the american one..super love this commercial!

Nini Pinlac (on Facebook) writes:

Nice heritage houses. I’ve bn there several times. Beautiful talaga!!!!! Make it longer the video.