Tribu Paghidaet of the Dinagyang Festival and Saad Festival of Leganes Town performed a preview of their performance for the Aliwan Fiesta 2008 last friday. Both contingents are determined to make the Ilonggos proud by putting up a good show.

Earlier during the event, it rained so heavily that the city officials advised both tribes to cancel their performance for the afternoon to avoid accidents. There was some drama during this time because the tribes were so eager to perform. The Ilonggo spirit finally reigned after a large cheer from the crown convinced the officials to allow them to perform

Here is a preview of the performance of Iloilo’s Festivals for the Aliwan Fiesta 2008:

Tribu Paghidaet of Dinagyang 2008

Tribu Saad of Leganes

In related news, it turns out Kasag Festival is really not going to join the Aliwan Fiesta 2008. There’s always next year.

This post is a follow-up to: Iloilo Festivals vie for Aliwan Fiesta 2008 Champion: Dinagyang, Saad of Leganes and Kasag of Banate