Located in the tropical climate zone, the Philippines is hit by typhoons that are born in the Pacific Ocean annually. In addition, Iloilo City and its outlying areas, stretching over low and flat land, are vulnerable to large-scale flooding and mudslide disasters frequently during the rainy season. Every year, the flooding problem in Iloilo causes millions of pesos in damages and unfavorable investment competitiveness.

Jaro Floodway

Iloilo Flood Control Project Map
Iloilo Flood Control Project Map. Photo from www.iloiloguimarassummit.com

The Iloilo Flood Control Project is the long-term solution to the perennial flooding in the city and outlying areas. It also aims to improve living environments and sanitary conditions of local residents, and consequently help develop the regional economy, by setting in place disaster prevention civil works in the state of Iloilo on Panay Island. With a budget of P4.3B, it is the largest infrastructure investment Iloilo City has ever received. The project is due for completion in 2009

Construction of Jaro Floodway
Construction of Jaro Floodway. Photo from www.iloiloguimarassummit.com
Project Details

Stage II (On-going)
Component 1

  • Package 1
    Construction of Jaro Floodway (4.75km) including four bridges (344m in total) from Aganan, Pavia to Brgy Balabago-Bito-on, one hydraulic structure, five drainage outlets, and two invert siphons
    Improvement of Tigum River (2.90km) including one bridge (105m) and 17 drainage outlets
    Improvement of Aganan River (3.88km) including one bridge (105m), one hydraulic structure, and 15 drainage outlets
    The contractor, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • Package 2
    Improvement of Iloilo River (4km) including one bridge (114m), riverside park improvement, and 12 drainage outlets
    Improvement of Upper Ingore Creek (2.96km) including seven box culverts
    Improvement of Jaro River Mouth (5.63km) including one box culvert at Ingore, outlet structure for Ingore diversion, and 13 drainage outlets
    Contract Package 2 is under contract with ChinaInternational Water & Electrical Corporation (China)

Construction of Carpenters Bridge
Construction of Carpenters Bridge

Construction of Road from Carpenters Bridge to Diversion Road
Construction of Road from Carpenters Bridge to Diversion Road

  • Package 3
    Development of Sooc Relocation Site, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
    Upgrading of Access Road to Kasadyahan Relocation Site in Brgy. Balabag, Pavia, Iloilo (completed)
  • Package 4
    Development of 25-30 hectare property/land that will be purchased by the Iloilo City Government

Component II

  • Assistance in the resettlement of project Affected Families (PAFs) including the preparation of the livelihood program for the PAFs.
  • Information Education Campaign on flood control and the prevention of illegal waste disposal into the waterways
  • Study on the sediment condition in the upper basin (Watershed management study –formulation of watershed management plan)
  • Study on the improvement plan of the solid waste management program specifically for project sustainability