Have standby food within reach before continuing on with this post because you might develop a sudden craving while feasting your eyes on a whole gallery of delectable treats. Food is a major part of Ilonggo Society, from the well celebrated La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, Fresh Seafoods, and Biscocho to the different delicacies and dishes that form the everyday Ilonggo Meal. Currently, the most popular and complete blog about Iloilo Cuisine is Flavours of Iloilo.

Flavours of Iloilo Blog was created by Jorp, member of Iloilo Bloggers, to offer a gastronomic tour of Iloilo, the Heart of the Philippines, and spread his love of Ilonggo cuisine to the world. Recently, Jorp created a mini site called Iloilo Food Trip, where visitors can view an image gallery of a plethora of Ilonggo foods in just one sitting. All the images are clickable and is linked to informative articles and even more pictures.

Head on over to Iloilo Food Trip, the most comprehensive compendium of Ilonggo cuisine in the internet. You can certainly learn a lot of new food discoveries that you might want to try during your next visit to Iloilo City and Province.