Here’s an update of the Jaro Floodway, which is a component of the Iloilo Flood Control Project. The Jaro Floodway is basically a new artificial river or waterway built to address the flooding problem in Iloilo City by providing an escape channel of floodwaters from where the Aganan and Tigum Rivers meet in Pavia direct to the Iloilo Strait.  The excavation works along the whole floodway is almost complete and all the 6 bridges are already being used (with the temporary land crossings removed).

The contractors are currently on the process of improving the river walls with concrete on important areas like near the bridges and vetiver grass on most parts.

This is the part where the Jaro Floodway meets the Iloilo Strait:

There is are two parallel roads at each side of the Jaro Flooway. The new route provides direct access from Pavia to McArthur Highway in Jaro, and all the way to the Coastal Road in La Paz. It’s still not certain if both of these roads will be paved once the floodway is complete.

A lot of the vetiver grass looks like it’s about to wither (if it hasn’t already) because of the harsh dry season.