A new set of stores are going to open soon in SM City Iloilo. These new developments in SM have come after a major renovation of the mall. SM City Iloilo now sports a cleaner, more sophisticated, and updated look. These soon to open stores include:

People are People (Clothing Store) – UGF in front of David’s Tea house (old location of Surplus Shop)

Dulcinea (Restaurant) – UGF beside Kenny Rogers (old location of Pancake House)

RCC Amazing Touch – LGF

Photoline (Photo Printing) – LGF

CDR-King (Electronics) – 2nd Floor (Beside Smart Center)

Skin Food (Skin Products) – UGF

Cafe Laguna (Coffee Shop) – UGF (Beside David’s Tea House)

Audio Sense

Stretch Center (Beauty Salon)

Recently Opened: Kipling(Bags) – UGF in front of David’s Tea House

Rumors ….

The coffeeshops in the parking lot of SM was demolished last month and rumors have sprung that a new coffee shop will be opening a store in that area.