Malumpatan in Pan de Azucar Island

One of the most spectacular sights of Iloilo was seeing an overview of the city during sunset on the top floor of the capitol. The sky literally fills up with hues of orange and reds, in the horizon you can see the mountains of Antique and in the foreground, a city preparing for the busy night ahead.

On the left you can see the Hall of Justice, Gaisano City and the Grand Dame Hotel. On the right is the Iloilo River. Unfortunately, I was only able to take pictures of it after the sun had set because I already pulled out my camera too late. Nevertheless, the sights were still nice.

Muelle Loney St., and Iloilo’s River Wharf

Castle Hotel, Museo Iloilo, Hall of Justice, Gaisano City, and SM City far left.

Iznart St.