If you’ve happen to pass by the new Jalandoni bridge near San Agustin then you’ve might have noticed that much of the fishponds/swamplands nearby has been filled wih land (reclaimed). This is infact the makings of a new mixed-use commercial/residential development in Iloilo dubbed as Prime Estates

Image taken from Certeza Land Development Corporation website

Searching for information about Prime Estates on google will lead you to the website of Certeza Land Development Corporation, which has posted a short background about the project:

Prime Estates, Iloilo is the flagship project of HCBC Land Development, Inc., an Iloilo City-based venture of Ilonggo real estate developers. Covering 30 hectares of prime land now made accessible by the newly-constructed Jalandoni Bridge (beside Residence Hotel), Prime Estates Iloilo provides the best location for a mixed-use residential and commercial subdivision. Located in the Baranggays of Magsaysay and Nabitasan in the La Paz district of Iloilo, Prime Estates Iloilo is wedged between Iloilo City Proper to the South, Mandurriao to the Northwest, Jaro to the Northeast and Molo to the West. No other subdivision in Iloilo can give as much convenience and proximity to the most siginifcant establishments like Prime Estates, Iloilo.

Prime Estates: new Residential/Commercial development in Nabitasan, LaPaz
Image taken from Certeza Land Development Corporation website

One of the strengths of this development is that it is tied with the Jalandoni Bridge and related components Project. Once hardly accessible, now transportation to the lot has become quite convenient because of the construction of the Jalandoni bridge, which reduced travel time to the city proper, and the access road to Hechanova St, which eased the accessibility to the main roads of La Paz. Another phase of the project calls for a new bridge to be constructed over Dungon Creek, which will connect the property to Diversion Road in Mandurriao.

Price lots range from 900T to 30M, you can get a lot of their price list here.

More Pictures:

Access Road from Jalandoni Bridge


Ongoing Road Development Panorama

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