Enjoy the flavors of Modern Iloilo and a relaxing riverside dining experience at Punot, a newly opened restaurant in Iloilo City serving delicious seafood and Ilonggo dishes with fresh twists. Located at the Riverside Boardwalk along the Iloilo Esplanade (near Smallville complex), Punot offers a relaxed and casual riverside dining experience that Ilonggos will surely enjoy.

Dishes at Punot Restaurant Iloilo

The restaurant traces its roots from Estancia, the Little Alaska of the Philippines, known for its fresh seafood and rich fishing grounds. Owners, Chef Tope and Andrea, decided to bring Punot to the city in tribute to their parents, Lea and Rogelio, who built the family’s two restaurants in Estancia – Friends (1987) and Punot (2000).

Inspired from their travels around the world, both Chef Tope and Andrea wanted to give a new and exciting dining experience to the Ilonggos. Expect to enjoy local typical dishes fused with culinary elements from international cuisine, a taste of Flavors of Modern Iloilo.

Punot’s Best

Cool off with Fresh Mango Shake at Punot

Estancia Chowder. Light and creamy with mixed seafood, bacon, potato, and balunggay pesto.

Pomelo Balingon. Pomelo, Lettuce, Punot’s special vinaigrette, topped with cashew nuts and crispy Estancia balingon.

Chicken Inasal Caesar. Romaine Lettuce, pandesal crutons, crispy bacon tossed in aligue Caesar dressing.

Tangigue Kilawin Shots. Cooked in vinegar and served in starter shots.

Shrimp Kilawin Shots. Cooked in vinegar and served in starter shots.

Kasag Cakes. The classic crab cakes now made more special with alioli, honey mustard sauce.

Baked Talaba. Baked Ilonggo oysters with tangkong, hollandaise sauce and herb crumbs.

Seafood ala Punot. Marinated and grilled seafood trip with Punot’s own special lemon butter sauce.

Punot Imbao Gratin. Imbao in Punot’s special sauce gratine with mozzarella.

Corned Beef Kansi. Corned beef shank in soured broth, jackfruit, lemongrass, and atsuete oil. With oven-roasted bone marrow on the side.

Callos ni Erving. Tripe strips cooked tender, olives, Spanish sausage, and native tomatoes.

Fish and Kamote Chips. Beer-battered Lapu-lapu with alioli. Served with Kamote Chips.

Creamy Kasag. Blue crab, native spinach, and green chillies in creamy coconut sauce.

Sizzling Indong. Eel cutlets sauteed in chillies and spices.

Laswa. The classic Ilonggo dish is made more special with Shrimp tempura.

Crispy Pata. Deep fried boneless pata, served with Punot’s own liver sauce.

Chicken Binakol. Chicken, coconut meat, sweet peppers, topped with toasted dessicated coconut.

Pasta Dinagyang. Penne in black seafood sauce. Topped with mixed seafood.

Leche Flan. Punot’s take on the classic leche flan.

Turon Sticks. Wrapped banana and jackfruit fried to perfection. Served with mango and kiwi sauce.

Halo Halo. Classic halo-halo served in fresh coconut.

Punot stands out from other seafood and Ilonggo restaurants. Many of Punot’s dishes were created from seafood, particularly, indigenous to Estancia.


Ilonggo blogger, Marcos, lists down his favorite dishes at Punot restaurant:

  • Baked Talaba – One of the best tasting baked talaba in town. Loved the rich creamy consistency and buttery/cheesy goodness.
  • Estancia Chowder – Delicious Ilonggo interpretation of the classic clam chowder.
  • Seafood ala Punot – Great value. Served with grilled prawn, squid, and fish steak.
  • Corned Beef Kansi – Beef soup served with delicious and rich flavors.
  • Pomelo Balingon – Perfect for diners who want a light healthy meal. Loved the unique combination of sun dried anchovies, pomelo, and generous cashew toppings.
  • Crispy pata – Sinfully delicious and perfectly crisp.

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