Balaan Bukid in Jordan, Guimaras is known for providing visitors and residents a nice overview of Iloilo’s growing skyline. There’s a lot of daytime views from Balaan Bukid posted online already but none taken during nighttime. For those who are curious to see what Iloilo City looks like at night, here’s a photo collection the city’s skyline nightshots taken from Balaan Bukid:

Skyline view of Iloilo City at dusk from Balaa-an Bukid

Iloilo City Proper Waterfont area (Gen. Hughes Highway, Fort San Pedro, Iloilo Domestic Seaport) and La Paz (Coal-fired Power Plant)

City Proper and Diversion Road Area (Smallville Complex, SM City Iloilo)

During the day or at nighttime, the most prominent structure dominating Iloilo City’s skyline is the newly built Coal-fired Power Plant in La Paz district. The new developments in Diversion area is also one of the shining beacons of Iloilo City. SM City Iloilo, the mid-rise buildings in Smallville, and the Treñas Boulevard are among the most recognizable landmarks in this area.

City Proper (Iloilo Fishing Port) and Mandurriao District (Treñas Boulevard, Smallville Complex, SM City Iloilo)

The nighttime view of Iloilo City from Balaan Bukid has the potential to be a tourist attraction in Iloilo and Guimaras. Unfortunately, the task of going to Balaan Bukid during nighttime isn’t very convenient. Hiking to the top is quite easy and should be done when there’s still daylight so visitors can appreciate the sunset/dusk views once at the top. It’s actually going back down that’s the problem. For one, there are no lights at the top of Balaan Bukid. You’ll have to do the 30-45 minute trek down to the main road in the dark (flashlights are needed for this). Once in Jordan Wharf already, the regular passenger pumpboats going back to Iloilo City might have already stopped service for the night so visitors will have to charter a whole pumpboat to go back to the city.

It would be great if there would be a restaurant or a park built in one of Guimaras’ hills facing Iloilo City (not necessarily in Balaan Bukid). Many cities in the Philippines have this kind of set-up, which provides tourists a place to enjoy the city skyline while having lunch or dinner. Davao City has Jack’s Ridge, Cebu City has TOPs (The Osmeña Peak), Cagayan de Oro City has High Ridge, Baguio City has SM Baguio, and Metro Manila has Antipolo City and the many rooftop bars and restaurants in the towering high-rises of the metro. Hopefully, Iloilo City will have one too in the future.