Tribu Ilonganon won first runner-up and Tribu Kahilwayan finsihed in the top 10 in the recently concluded Street Dancing Competition of the Aliwan Festival held last April 28, 2007. While, Cara Jeanne Sullano, Iloilo’s contestant for the Reyna in Aliwan, won 2nd place and the Dinagyang Float of Iloilo won the second runner-up title in the float competition.

It is certainly not the best expectation for Iloilo’s contingents but as Ben Jimena (Execute Director of the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation) said that even though the Dinagyang festival wasn’t able to bag the 1st prize he was not disappointed because the foundation’s main objective is to promote Dinagyang and Iloilo and they were able to achieve that goal because of the excellent performance of Iloilo’s contingents.

I wasn’t able to attend the Aliwan 2007 Festival because I had a class during at the time (excited pa ko tani to roam the streets of Manila with online Ilonggo personalities living in MM). Nevertheless, Enrico D. of was able to cover the event. You can check out the Aliwan pictures over at his blog.