Make your Holy Week Visita Iglesia more memorable by visiting Iloilo’s many old churches! not only is it a fitting spiritual experience but it’s also a great way to discover an excellent collection of centuries-old churches and learn more about the history and heritage of Iloilo. Southern Iloilo is the most convenient and offers the some of Iloilo’s more popular churches. Here’s a photo and transport guide to start you off for your Southern Iloilo Visita Iglesia:

Miagao Church, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Jaro Cathedral

Although not in the Southern Iloilo route, a visita iglesia in Iloilo is not complete without a visit to Jaro Cathedral, the seat of catholic faith in the region.

Molo Church

The gothic renaissance inspired Molo Church is known as a “feminist church” because of its row of female saints along its main aisle. From Jaro Cathedral, take a “Jaro Liko” jeep and drop off at “University of San Agustin.” Then take a “Villa” jeep and drop off beside Molo Plaza.

Arevalo Church

Arevalo Church, in the flower district of La Villa de Arevalo, is home to the 3rd oldest Santo Nino in the Philippines. From Molo Church, walk towards Iloilo Supermart Molo past the Shell Station. This is where you can ride a “Villa” jeep to Arevalo Plaza.

Guimbal Church.

The 400 year old Guimbal Church is one of the oldest and sports one of the tallest belfries among the churches in Iloilo.

To get to the churches for the succeeding Southern Iloilo towns, just take a jeep that bear’s the town’s name or one further along the route.

Tigbauan Church

The Tigbauan Church built in Latin churriquesque architecture has very intricate bas relief sculptures in it’s face. Although modern, it has a similarly intricate interiors.

Miagao Church

The Miagao Church is one of Iloilo’s most recognizable landmarks. It is best known for it’s stunning architecture and inclusion in UNESCO’s list of heritages sites under “Baroque Churches of the Philippines.”

San Joaquin Church

San Joaquin Church is known for its excellent relief depicting the Battle of Tetuan. The San Joaquin Church is listed by the National Historical Institute as a National Cultural Treasure.

The whole tour of Southern Iloilo Churches should take approx. 5 – 7 hours.