Agho Island is a small parcel of paradise located 7 nautical miles northeast of Concepcion town proper . The privately owned eight-hectare island has an extensive white sand beach area and a sprawling coral garden.

Upon reaching the island you will see the island’s sandbar which shifts from left to right depending on the wind direction and season.

There are no luxurious accommodations in Agho Island. If you want to experience an overnight in paradise you will have to “commune” with nature in the process. Better bring a tent, food, cooking materials, and other things you might need to survive. There’s no reason to panic though, barely a kilometer away from Agho is Malangabang Island, where there is electricity and numerous sari-sari stores available.

On the backside of the island is a hill where you can have a good view of the sea and below it are rock formations and cliffs. This part of the island is not suitable for swimming because the strong currents make it dangerous. It is interesting to visit though, and is something that you can do when visiting the island.

When in Agho, make sure not to miss the breathtaking explosion of light during the sunrise, which can be seen unobtrusively at the backside of the island, and the sunrise, which is in the direction of the scenic Mt. Pan de Azucar.

The only inhabitants of the island are the caretakers, who own a motorized banca or small boat. You can request them to take you island hopping and snorkeling on the sprawling coral gardens near Agho. The corals there retain their vibrant colors with many fishes and other sea creatures swimming around. There is even an enclosed portion where the caretakers grow giant clams, abalone, among others.

If you want to visit the island contact 09296089830 and introduce yourself properly for permission and more details about Agho Island. The island is owned by the Salcedo Family.

Agho Island is approximately 9 kilometers or 30 minutes from Concepcion Town Proper by pumpboat or motorized outriggers.