Among the hidden gems of Iloilo is Antonia Beach located in Isla de Gigantes Sur, Carles. Most tourists, even some locals, are unaware that Iloilo Province is blessed with white sand beaches sprinkled across its northern coasts. Jutting out from the eastern side of Gigantes Sur, the stunning white sandbar of Antonia seemingly forms a small cape. At the tip is an interesting elongated rock formation, which serves as a natural wave breaker. Visitors to Antonia are rewarded by the paradise-like white sand beach and inviting emerald green waters, perfect for swimming.

There are no established resorts in Antonia, even the whole Gigantes Islands for that matter. Travelers wishing to visit Gigantes have to stay with the locals or rent a pumpboat from Estancia for a day trip.

How to Get to Antonia Beach, Isla de Gigantes Sur

Estancia port is the main jump-off point to Isla de Gigantes Sur. There is a ferry (pumpboat) service plying the route (from Estancia Port to Brgy. Lantangan, Isla de Gigantes Sur) once daily departing at 2pm. From Estancia Port it is approximately 2 hours sea travel to Brgy. Lantangan and another 30 minutes to Antonia Beach.

A glimpse of the white sand beach of Antonia

The southern tip of the rock formation at Antonia Beach

View from the top of the rock formation at Antonia. One side faces the open sea.

The other side of Antonia offers calm waters perfect for swimming