The Paraw regatta is a race among seafarers on colorful sailboats called Paraws in the straits between Guimaras Island and the city of Iloilo. The present-day paraw managed to maintain its original design from the sailboats of the first settlers from Borneo who were in search of a peaceful home in 1212 A.D. Surviving the centuries, the paraws have become a vital part of the Filipino seafaring life.

The first race started in 1973 with the mission to preserve the historic value of the paraws. It is held every 3rd weekend of February at Tatoy’s Manokan, Sto. Nino Sur, Villa, Iloilo City. Today, the event has grown from being a boat race to a festival with various interesting activities.

And as Ilonggos take pride of their history and culture, so do the sailors and the boat makers who have inherited a legacy that became synonymous to the birth of a province and the Hiligaynon-speaking region of the country.

Come to Iloilo and marvel at the sight of colorful paraws!