Founded in 1584, Passi is now a chartered city in the Province of Iloilo. It is authentic that Passi City had the most colorful people in the island, the Pintados. However, the history of the church could be traced back in the early 1600’s but the present church was initiated in 1821-1837. The architectural style is perhaps undistinguished but it might be referred as Baroque.

passi city church

It is one of the largest in Iloilo and all sides are dominated with massive butresses. There is a confusion about the original location of the facade.

Passi Church

The design is primitive yet there is an artistic carving on which is possibly the facade.

passi church

From the entrance of the Passi Church, a “Jardin de los Santos” or Garden of Saints can be found at the left side of the building. While on the right, a large relief of the Passi City Map can be found.

Passi Church

Passi Church

Text taken from Lingganay, A Collection of Iloilo’s Heritage Churches, by Giancarlo Parcon Alvarez