Tangke is a natural saltwater pool located in a hidden spot behind the steep cliffs of Isla de Gigantes Sur in Carles, Iloilo. Travelers and locals of Carles visit tangke to swim in its refreshing shallow waters and gaze at the beautiful rock formations.

Many myths surround this interesting natural attraction. One such story says that during the feast of Saint John the Bapist (San Juan de Bautista) on June 24, the water level inside tangke would magically rise significantly. Locals also warn visitors not to make too much commotion and noise in tangke as this would disturb the enkantos, or enchanted beings, which could cast nasty curses to those who upset them.

Tangke is located in South Gigantes Island (also called Isla Gigantes Sur) in the town of Carles, Iloilo’s Northernmost town. The jump-off point to South Gigantes Island is in Estancia town’s seaport. From there, tourists can hire a pumpboat to go to South Gigantes Island/Tangke. Travel time is approximately an hour.

tangke gigantes carles

Visitors have to make a short climb on the rocks to get to tangke

A tourist takes a rest on a big rock in the middle of the pool

One of the towering rock formations that surround tangke