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Iloilo is blessed with many beautiful islands and beaches from its northern to southern coast. Start exploring with 13 of the best island destinations in Iloilo.
What to do and where to go in Gigantes? Start exploring with our list of Gigantes’ best things to do, tourist spots, and attractions.
The town of Concepcion is blessed with one of the most scenic seascapes in the whole Province of Iloilo. Forming a safe natural harbor for Concepcion Bay are 16 islands connected by azure waters and rich marine life. The islands of Concepcion are highl

11 Things To Do in Northern Iloilo

Carles, Northern Iloilo
White Sand Beaches and Sparkling Turquoise Waters
Gigantes, Northern Iloilo
Most Photographed Island in Gigantes
Gigantes, Northern Iloilo
Spacious caverns well lit by natural atriums
Gigantes Sur, Northern Iloilo
White Sand Beach with Two Sides Facing the Sea
Concepcion, Northern Iloilo
Northern Iloilo's Iconic Island Mountain
Concepcion, Northern Iloilo
Fine White Sands and Coral Gardens
You could probably get a taste of Balasan’s bibinka during Jaro district’s annual fiesta but there’s no place else that you can get them as delicious as the one’s sold in the Balasan, a town at the notheastern part of Iloilo. Where to Buy Balasan Bibin
Gigantes, Northern Iloilo
Captivating Rock Formations and White Sand Beaches
Gigantes Sur, Carles
Hidden Lagoon Surrounded by Rock Cliffs
Malumpatan is a small beach found in the coast of Pan de Azucar Island. It is overlain with a pebbled shore and surrounded by interesting rock formations. Cliffs in Malumpatan A cove-like cliff serves as an interesting backdrop for Malumpatan. A kind o
Tampisaw, a Hiligaynon term that means “to frolic” or “playfully wade in the water” is Concepcion’s way of Celebrating Earth Day. The festival is held in Pan de Azucar Island on the fourth week of April. Known for having the most beautiful seascape in