The Iloilo International Airport is one of the Philippines’ major flight hubs serving Iloilo and Guimaras as well as the general area of Panay Island. It is located 19 kilometers away from Iloilo City.

The Iloilo Airport is regarded as one of the country’s best airports and among the top 5 busiest airports in the Philippines.

It serves direct international flights to/from Hong Kong and Singapore, and domestic flights to/from major cities in the country.

Terminal Fee

As of Jan 2020, the terminal fee is not collected at the Iloilo Airport. The terminal fee is already included in the ticket price (all-in fare) upon purchase of your flight.

How to get to/from Iloilo Airport

The Iloilo Airport is approximately 30 minutes away from Iloilo City Proper. Several transportation options are available for arriving and departing passengers including taxis, shuttle vans, and public transport commute.

Iloilo Airport P2P Bus

The premium point-to-point (P2P) airport transfer service is a convenient and affordable option for passengers. It connects Iloilo Airport to Iloilo Business Park and hotels in Iloilo City. The bus fare is P80 per person for drop-off/pick-up at Megaworld Festival Walk Mall in Iloilo Business Park and P200 for the bus ticket + hotel transfer. There’s no additional luggage fee. Click below to see today’s best price.

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Iloilo Airport to Iloilo Business Park P2P Bus Schedule

From Iloilo AirportFrom Iloilo Business Park
5:30 AM6:40 AM
6:40 AM7:50 AM
8:50 AM10:00 AM
9:50 AM11:00 AM
10:50 AM12:00 PM
1:50 PM1:00 PM
3:15 PM3:00 PM
4:05 PM4:25 PM
5:30 PM5:15 PM
6:35 PM6:40 PM
7:40 PM8:00 PM
8:50 PM9:00 PM
9:20 PM9:55 PM
10:20 PM

The pick-up/drop-off area at the Iloilo Airport is located at the north end of the passenger terminal. After exiting the arrival hall, turn left and walk until the end of the passenger terminal building. You can find the pick-up area past the departures entrance.

The pick-up/drop-off area in Iloilo Business Park is located at the Festive Walk Mall carpark/terminal building found across the street from the main mall building.

UV Express Shuttle (van)

There are shuttle services that ferry passengers between the Iloilo Airport and Iloilo City with pick-up/drop-off points at SM City Iloilo Mall and Jaro District Plaza.

From SM City Iloilo Mall, the fare going to the Iloilo Airport is P70. Passengers are advised to be at the SM City Iloilo transport terminal at least 3 hours before their scheduled flight because drivers only leave when the shuttle is full. From the airport, the shuttles ferry passengers to the city at a reduced fare of P50.


All taxi cabs in Iloilo may be hired to get from the airport to Iloilo City Proper and vice-versa. If you are traveling from Iloilo Airport to the city, only choose a taxi if the driver agrees to a metered fare. If you are coming from the city, however, most taxi drivers only accept passengers if they take a fixed-rate of P350 to P400.

Jeep and Multicab Commute

Commuting to the Iloilo Airport is the cheapest way to travel to the Iloilo Airport. Here are the steps to getting to the airport by local commute:

  • Ride a Calinog, Janiuay, Cabatuan, or Santa Barbara Jeepney along Diversion Road (Benigno Aquino Avenue) or at the Ungka Terminal in Jaro District (20 minutes). If you are coming from SM City Iloilo mall, simply cross the street via the pedestrian overpass.
  • Drop-off at “Bangga Dama” Intersection in Santa Barbara Town. Your landmark will be the Total Gas Station and Mercury Drug store.
    Walk to the multicab terminal located across the street from Mercury Drug.
  • Ride a multicab direct to the Iloilo Airport. Travel time from Bangga Dama to Iloilo Airport only takes 10 minutes, but the waiting time at the multicab terminal may a long time because the drivers only leave until the multicab is full. The drivers also agree to leave early when passengers are willing to pay the fare the vacant seats.

Iloilo Airport-Boracay

The land journey from the Iloilo Airport to Boracay takes around 5 to 6 hours. The trip involves a bus or shuttle van ride from Iloilo City to Caticlan Jetty Port and then a short ferry crossing to Boracay Island.

Caticlan-bound buses depart from Tagbak Terminal in Jaro District, Iloilo City. To get there, passengers can ride the UV Express Shuttle (van) to SM City Iloilo Mall. From there, cross the street via the pedestrian overpass and ride a “Leganes” jeepney ride to Tagbak Terminal (20-30 minutes travel time). By taxi, Tagbak Terminal is approximately 40 minutes away from Iloilo Airport (P350 to P500 metered taxi fare).

Read more information about land transportation from Iloilo City on our Iloilo Jeepney and Bus Guide.

Airlines and Destinations at Iloilo Airport

Major airlines in the Philippines offer direct flights between Iloilo and several domestic destinations including Manila, Cebu, Davao, Clark, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, and Puerto Princesa. International flights are also available to/from Singapore and Hong Kong.

Airlines operating at the Iloilo International Airport include AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and their subsidiaries, Cebgo and PAL Express. The airport is designated as one of the flight hubs of Cebu Pacific .

Philippine Domestic

DestinationAirlineFlight Duration
ManilaCebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, AirAsia1 hour
ClarkCebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, AirAsia1 hour and 15 minutes
CebuCebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines50 minutes
DavaoCebu Pacific1 hour
Cagayan de OroCebu Pacific, AirAsia1 hour
General SantosCebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines1 hour
Puerto PrincesaCebu Pacific1 hour


DestinationAirlineFlight Duration
Hong KongCebu Pacific2 hours and 30 minutes
SingaporeCebu Pacific3 hours and 20 minutes

Cheap Iloilo Flights

If you want to buy cheap flights to or from Iloilo, you should be hunting down seat sales or promo fares. Cebu Pacific announces promo fares every week. The promo alerts usually include Iloilo flights. Philippine Airlines, on the other hand, posts promo alerts rarely, so you might want to buy a promo flight with PAL if you are lucky enough to chance upon one.

Promo announcements are posted on the airlines’ official website. To make it easy for you to check promo alerts from multiple airlines in one site, you can check promo fares on for the latest Cebu Pacific promo, Philippine Airlines promo and AirAsia promo.