A superbly landscaped, secure and exclusive residential community, unsurpassed in beauty and elegance; only for the elite and the affluent. Palisades Iloilo is a mid-high end class residential community offering Mediterranean type houses for those who prefer building the house through them. However, lots only can be bought and the buyer can build his house using an architect and contractor of his choice. SRDC requires that the design and specs of the house be submitted for verification and approval of its architect and engineers. Palisades Iloilo is located in Pavia Town, approximate 9 kms or 10 minutes from Iloilo City.

Amenities and Facilities of Palisades Iloilo:

  • Landscape architecture designed by Idelfonso P. Santos, the father of Philippine landscape architecture.
  • Property development plan designed by Palafox and Associates.
  • 60% of the total property area is devoted to clean roads, parks and open spaces.
  • Structures, amenities and facilities are constructed to last.
  • The most beautifully landscaped residential community outside of Metro Manila continuously cared for all year round. Each street has its own different variety of trees for distinction. Plants, trees, shrubs and bushes all around. Lights about the area complement the landscapin.
  • One of the few residential communities in the country designed with the residents comfort, convenience, security and well-being in mind. A deed of restriction signed by each homeowner and enforced by SRDC assures the quality of lifestyle and comfort of the residents.
  • Main gate with sensor equipped equipment for automatic opening and closing of the gate for its residents vehicles.
  • Its own security, ground maintenance, garbage disposal, water truck (for watering plants and street cleaning) and fire-fighting personnel with equipment.
  • A magnificently designed Grand clubhouse on a hill with a lower elevation swimming pool and patio-garden for parties.
  • A customer care department with a manager and staff.
  • A homeowner’s association shall be organized and endowed with a Trust Fund from SRDC.
  • A back-up electrical power system for the brown-out free convenience of its residents.
  • A pressurized water supply back-up system for a continuous supply of clean water.
  • A massive high wall behind and on both sides secure the area.
  • Your investment for a lot and house appreciates in value higher than SRDC’s competitors. Thus, attracting investors to buy early and sell later, or for house rental for income generation.
  • Only 180 lots were subdivided with the average lot size of 350 square meters. Some buy 2 or more lots, so it is expected that around 80 homeowners only will reside in this one of its kind residential community.

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