Estancia is known as the Alaska of the Philippines because of its rich fishing grounds. When in town, experience a gastronomic delight of seafoods in Punot Grill and Restaurant.

Punot Grill and Restaurant

Punot Grill and Restaurant is located along the highway in Brgy. Bayayas, Estancia. Most locals, are familiar with Punot, so it is very easy to find.

Punot Grill and Restaurant

The place is native-inspired and serves different preparations of seafood like fish, shrimp, and squid. If you’re not a seafood lover or are allergic to seafoods, you can try their sumptuous chicken “inasal” or grilled chicken.

Almost all meals are served with a “seafood” soup, which was very delicious. The prices at Punot are affordable at P60-P120 per dish.

Squid Rings, Steamed Shrimp, and Fish.

Fish Fillet, Fish Tempura, and Squid Rings with Potato Fries.