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Bluejay Coffee and Deli is known in Iloilo for capturing the higher-end coffeeshop and dining crowd serving premium ingredients and providing  great ambiance and service. Recently, Bluejay Coffee and Deli released a new line of affordable light meals
Deco’s La Paz Batchoy and Mang Inasal, two of Iloilo’s well received home-grown restaurants are expanding in Amigo Mall along Delgado St. It is a surprising development since both shops already have existing branches in the near vicinity. Barely a few
Here’s the third (and last) installment of this month’s development update: Transcom opens call center in Iloilo Transcom, considered as Europe’s largest business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, is currently operating in its new call center facility in
Now open is Bluejay Coffee and Delicatessen’s third and so far best designed  branch in the recently renovated Amigo Mall in Iznart St., Iloilo City. No wonder it took a long time for Bluejay to open, the interior is very well thought of and reflects
Here’s a roundup of soon to open restaurants and coffeeshops this month. It seems the food scene in Iloilo is in the upswing. There have been an upsurge of new food shops in the city this year ranging from locally owned businesses to national and inter
The newly renovated Amigo Plaza Mall opened last month, giving a more modern appearance to the decades-old shopping center. The exterior looks clean with its aluminum cladding highlighted with blue accents and new glass windows. View of Amigo Plaza Mal
Here’s a list of ongoing and proposed developments around the metro including some major infrastructures, commercial, and residential establishments. Amigo Rennovation The commercial strip/”mall” part of Amigo was closed a few months ago to give way to
I hadn’t had the chance to go to every event of the Western Visayas Tourism Assembly, especially the Parade of Fastivals because I had class during sembreak :( But I did manage to get some coverage of it: Before the opening of the Western Visayas Touri

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