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The Bayluhay from San Joaquin depicts the negotiations infamously known as the Barter of Panay between Makatunaw (one of the 10 Bornean Datus headed by Datu Puti) and Marikudo (ruler of the Negritos, natives of Panay), which took place at Imbidayan, al
The word “tultugan” is actually an indigenous term for bamboo drum. The festival promotes the local bamboo industry, protecting their creativity and craftsmanship as to the different uses of the bamboo. Tribu Tultugan was the over-all champion in last
Tribu Pahinis de Laua-an came from the town of Laua-an in Antique Province. The tribe aims to promote the native product of the town, which is muscovado sugar and the deliciously sweet delicacies derived from it. Here are a few photos from the performa
Kahilwayan is a cultural festival in a dance-drama from which showcases the events that led to the historic uprising of the Ilonggos against Spain to its ultimate cry of victory and freedom known to us now as the Cry of Santa Barbara. Tribu Kahilwayan
Once again, crowds were awestruck at the performance of the tribes competing in the Kasadyahan and Ati Competitions during the recently concluded Dinagyang Festival. Truly, no other festival can match the choreography and synchronized fast-paced moveme
The Dinagyang Best Headress Competition is now being exhibited in the Upper Ground Floor is SM City. Different tribes have joined in the competition, displaying their colorful and artistic designs.
The Dinagyang Through The Years Exhibit will showcase the evolution of the festival. The exhibit is staged at the 3/F Events Center of SM City Iloilo. The exhibit will run from January 18-28, 2007 The attractions in the exhibit include tribe memorabili
There are currently 4 hotels in Iloilo City that are due for opening. Judging from their current progress, they are probably due for opening during the first half of 2007 (the exact dates are unknown). They are: Unnamed Hotel/Commercial Building along
I hadn’t had the chance to go to every event of the Western Visayas Tourism Assembly, especially the Parade of Fastivals because I had class during sembreak :( But I did manage to get some coverage of it: Before the opening of the Western Visayas Touri
Here’s the schedule of the Western Visayas Tourism Assembly held on October 23 to 29 with Iloilo City as the host city. October 22 (Sunday) Arrival/Ingress of Participants Set-up of Travel Exhibit booths at SM City October 23 – ILOILO CITY DAY (Monday)

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