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Seven festivals from different towns in Iloilo performed yesterday (April 8, 2008) afternoon during the Pasundayag of Festivals to open the celebration of Semana sang Iloilo. The contingents first performed at the freedom grandstand where they were abl
Here the photos of recent Dinagyang Festival 2008. There photos were taken in the Capitol Stage during the Fluvial Procession, Kasadyahan and the Dinagyang Ati Competition. Fluvial Parade (January 25, 2008) Kasadyahan Competition (January 26, 2008) Luc
More than 50,000 came to watch the first pyro olympics to be held in Iloilo City. The event, which took place during the Dinagyang Festival on January 26, 2007 had SM City as the judging area. Not only was the parking lot of SM City jam packed, most pe
The Dinagyang 2008 was a big success! Approximately 1.5M people reportedly came to Iloilo to witness the best tourism event in the Country (as awarded by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines for two consecutive years). Explore Iloilo
The Dinagyang Ati Competition is the main highlight of the Dinagyang Festival and will be held on January 27, 2008 or every fourth Sunday of January. During the Dinagyang Ati competition, competing tribes composed of dark-brown colored warriors perform
The Kasadyahan Competition is one of the main highlights of the Dinagyang Festival will be held on January 26, 2008, a day before the Dingyang Ati competition.. The dance competition features the history and culture of the various towns of Iloilo throu
The lyre and drum and bugle competition is a new event for the Dinagyang Festival 2008. It will be held on January 25, 2008; 8am in the Freedom Grandstand. 12 schools will participate in the drum and lyre and drum and bugle competition namely: Iloilo C
Presenting the beauties that will be vying for the prestigious title of Miss Dinagyang 2008. The pageant and coronation night will be on January 20, 2008;7pm at the freedom grandstand. The following pictures were taken from the Miss Dinagyang Exhibit i
The City Government of Iloilo has just recently released three promotional videos on Iloilo as a City of Festivals. The videos are aimed to promote the major Festivals in Iloilo and showcase the “friendly and artistically expressive culture” of Ilonggo
The event schedule for the Dinagyang Festival 2008 has already been posted by the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation. Go ahead and review it before marching the streets of Iloilo this coming January. October Dinagyang Festival 2008 Festival Launch (October 19

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