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Now open is Bluejay Coffee and Delicatessen’s third and so far best designed  branch in the recently renovated Amigo Mall in Iznart St., Iloilo City. No wonder it took a long time for Bluejay to open, the interior is very well thought of and reflects
Peppy Thai has transferred to a new location in Jaro District, in front of the Jaro Big Market. The restaurant, previously located in Sambag, Jaro, is known in Iloilo City for serving Thai Food in carinderia style … and prices! Pandan Chicken and Por
Here’s a roundup of soon to open restaurants and coffeeshops this month. It seems the food scene in Iloilo is in the upswing. There have been an upsurge of new food shops in the city this year ranging from locally owned businesses to national and inter
A new set of stores are going to open soon in SM City Iloilo. These new developments in SM have come after a major renovation of the mall. SM City Iloilo now sports a cleaner, more sophisticated, and updated look. These soon to open stores include: Peo
Get a taste the newest destination in Iloilo, visit The Avenue, now lined with a variety of food shops for your choosing. Connecting the two buildings of The Avenue is a spacious al fresco area where you can enjoy your food in the open air and experien
Boracay is undeniably on the top of the list when it comes to summer destinations in the Philippines. The island paradise is just too hot to resist during this time of year because the season brings out the calm azure waters and warm tropical breeze of
Green Mango is Iloilo’s newest restaurant and is gaining popularity in the city’s food scene. It is a fast food restaurant where you can eat your dependable Filipino foods in a modern and classy ambiance. Green Mango serves breakfast meals, grilled and
Have you ever wanted to visit Italy to absorb its rich and influential heritage or perhaps immerse yourself in the alluring Mediterranean Coast? If you’re in Iloilo, start by getting a sense of Italy through its famed cuisine at Amalfi Cucina Italia, t
Don’t miss out on the festivities this third week of February 2009. Here is the complete event schedule of the 37th Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival: February 4, 2009 (Wednesday) 2:00 pm – Festival Launching (SM City Activity Center) February 15, 2009 (Su
Longing to sink you teeth in a tender slice of steak faithfully char-grilled to your favored doneness?  Better give your taste buds a treat and head on over to Mojave Grill and Steak House for the best steak in town! Aside from their great steaks is a

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