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Iloilo welcomes the year of the Ox in a two day Chinese New Year celebration on January 28-29, 2009. Starting today, a Chinese food festival will be held at Guanco-Mapa Sts. from 4pm-12mn. The Iloilo Chinese New Year 2009 celebration highlights will be
A big thank you to all viewers of Explore Iloilo for continuing to support this blog and its aim of promoting Iloilo online! Your views, comments, emails, links, and referrals to friends and family were of great inspiration to keep the flame burning. L
The newly renovated Amigo Plaza Mall opened last month, giving a more modern appearance to the decades-old shopping center. The exterior looks clean with its aluminum cladding highlighted with blue accents and new glass windows. View of Amigo Plaza Mal
New businesses and infrastructure developments abound in the city. The second part of this month’s development update covers the Iloilo Boulevard or Iloilo River section of the Iloilo Flood Control Project, new Food Shops in Smallville, the ongoing con
We’ve all known about the sunken MV Princess of the Stars and the destruction of Typhoon Frank in Iloilo. Unfortunately, other areas of Western Visayas like Aklan, Capiz, and Antique hasn’t received the same amount of media attention albeit also experi
Watch this video and take a tour of one of the major facets of Iloilo’s Society: Food. Get to know what Ilonggo Cooking is about and what sets it apart from other cuisines in the provinces. Feast your eyes on a colorful array of delightful treats and b
Picea is known as a cake and dessert shop in Iloilo City. For quite some time now, they have been creating sumptuous cakes for Ilonggos during their most special celebrations like weddings, baptisms, and birthdays. After reading about Picea on MyIloilo
Touted as the oldest sailing competition in the Asia, the Paraw Regatta is a race among traditional sailboat enthusiasts along the scenic body of water that separates Iloilo and the island paradise of Guimaras. It was held last February 10-17, 2008 and
Even before the coming of the Spaniards, Iloilo played an important role as a major trading post in the Visayas. Chinese merchants would sail to Iloilo to trade and in effect, building flourishing relationship with the natives. Today, Iloilo holds the
Bourbon Street is a popular destination in Iloilo for a culinary delight and a night of fun-filled partying styled in authentic American Bistro. The restaurant was named after a famous and historic dining and nightlife strip in New Orleans, Louisiana a

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