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The City and Province of Iloilo is currently under a State of Calamity after a destructive storm, named Typhoon Frank (international name: Fengshen), had just battered the country with Iloilo being one of the worst hit by the disaster. Aside from Iloil
Now that hi-res images of Iloilo City can be accessed in Google Earth, let’s tour around the prominent and interesting landmarks around the city. From well … space, Iloilo looks quite messy compared to other cities in the country. This could be owed
The Iloilo Flood Control Project is running in full swing and it looks like the project might be finished on time based from the latest accomplishment reports and a general physical assessment of their construction sites. Here are some updates on the I
Located in the tropical climate zone, the Philippines is hit by typhoons that are born in the Pacific Ocean annually. In addition, Iloilo City and its outlying areas, stretching over low and flat land, are vulnerable to large-scale flooding and mudslid
To accommodate the growing demand for places to stay in Iloilo, a few hotels and pension houses have started construction in Iloilo city this year namely: Urban Inn, Moritz Hotel, and D’Arthur’ Suites. Moritz Hotel (6 floors) – located along Burgos St.
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The speculations are true, the City Government of Iloilo will be transferring some offices of the City Hall to Robinsons Place. Some parts of the third floor have already been closed off for the development of their new offices in the said mall. Perspe
One of the most spectacular sights of Iloilo was seeing an overview of the city during sunset on the top floor of the capitol. The sky literally fills up with hues of orange and reds, in the horizon you can see the mountains of Antique and in the foreg
A few months ago I wrote about the developments in the Smallville Area. Now, some of them are already finished such as the Riverside Boardwalk and the Honda Showroom and a few are left nearing completion. Such as this two storey commercial building, wh
Inspired from the Baywalk concept along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Iloilo will be having it’s own 8km “Iloilo Boulevard” constructed, which will start from the back of Gaisano City in La Paz all the way to the New Carpenters Bridge in Brgy. Tabucan, Ma

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