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The Iloilo International Airport is one of the Philippines’ major flight hubs serving Iloilo and Guimaras as well as the general area of Panay Island. The Iloilo Airport is regarded as one of the country’s best airports and among the top 5 busiest airports in the Philippines.
Neoclassical in style, the church of San Nicolas de Tolentino, patron saint of Cabatuan, was built in 1834, replacing the temporary ones constructed by earlier priests. It was Rev. Fr. Ramon Alquizar, an Augustinian, who initiated in building the churc
The ingredients found in the renowned Tinuom dish of Cabatuan include: marinated native chicken with quartered potatoes seasoned with onions, ginger, tomato and lemon grass (tanglad), and wrapped in banana leaves. It is served with broth that accumulat
Built of gray stone, the Cabatuan cemetery was built by Fr. Juan Porras and was blessed on 4 February 1894. It is the only extant Spanish cemetery in the Philippines that is a perfect square. It is enclosed on all four sides by a solid limestone base w

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