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The lyre and drum and bugle competition is a new event for the Dinagyang Festival 2008. It will be held on January 25, 2008; 8am in the Freedom Grandstand. 12 schools will participate in the drum and lyre and drum and bugle competition namely: Iloilo C
The Church of San Joaquin is the Roman Catholic parish church of the town of San Joaquin in Iloilo Province. Built in 1869, the church distinguishes itself from other churches in the Philippines because of its militaristic theme. Carved on a disproport
In 1991, the National Heritage Institute declared the Santa Barbara Church and Convent as a National Landmark. The declaration is a testimony of the significance of the Church especially its important role in the Country’s history as the general headqu
2006 figures of the Financial Profile of Iloilo Province, Towns, and Cities. After doing some reading into the documents, I’ve made a list of the top 10 towns in Iloilo ranked according to their total operating income, income growth, and IRA-dependency
The Miagao cemetery located at Bgy. Baybay Norte (formerly Cota Baybay) houses an exceptional capilla or funerary chapel. In olden times, masses were held here on All Saint’s Day, Sundays and other important feast days. Its capilla is octagonal in shap
The glorious old Church of Igbaras lie in ruins beside the town’s new church. Built in 1878, the old limestone church of Igbaras used to have a big convent and was one of the longest church structures in Iloilo. Unfortunately, both structures were heav
The Alimodian Church was first constructed in 1787 by Fr. Florencio Martin. The structure became famous because of its artistic belfry, which used to be one of the tallest among churches in Iloilo and Negros. Although the belfry had survived three eart
The first gravity irrigation dam in Iloilo was built in Santa Barbara in 1921 during the Commonwealth period. The Santa Barbara Dam is located in Brgy. Tungay approximately 2 – 3 kilometers or a 15 – 20 minute tricycle ride from the town plaza. The San
The culture of the town of Tigbauan reflects a society with diverse influences and traditions. And to express this cultural richness, Saludan a cultural festivity was organized to showcase the town’s distinct traditional activity in a celebration of da
Inaugurated in 1884, Janiuay cemetery was hailed as the most artistic cemetery in the Philippines. In fact, it was once featured in the National Geographic Magazine. Three grand staircases lead to the cemetery built on high ground and supported by a re
Savannah is a community within a bigger community, with designated areas for a proposed school, a proposed commercial area, areas for the amenities, tree parks, pocket gardens and children’s playground within each of the subdivisions, and provisions fo
Estancia is known as the Alaska of the Philippines because of its rich fishing grounds. When in town, experience a gastronomic delight of seafoods in Punot Grill and Restaurant. Punot Grill and Restaurant is located along the highway in Brgy. Bayayas,
Here’s a list of the highest performing towns when ranked according to their total operating income, income growth, income per capita, and IRA-dependency. The figures were taken during the fiscal year 2005, haven’t got the 2006 figures yet so we’d have
Malumpatan is a small beach found in the coast of Pan de Azucar Island. It is overlain with a pebbled shore and surrounded by interesting rock formations. Cliffs in Malumpatan A cove-like cliff serves as an interesting backdrop for Malumpatan. A kind o
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