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It was yet another successful Iloilo Dinagyang Festival this 2009, which was held last week. Here are the results of the major competitions namely, the Kasadysahan, Dinagyang Ati, and Luces in the Sky – Iloilo PyroOlympics. Dinagyang Ati Competition 20
The newly renovated Amigo Plaza Mall opened last month, giving a more modern appearance to the decades-old shopping center. The exterior looks clean with its aluminum cladding highlighted with blue accents and new glass windows. View of Amigo Plaza Mal
Following the transfer of the Iloilo Airport to Santa Barbara, developments in its vicinity and towns along the road leading to the airport have been on the upswing. Accordingly, the first installment of this month’s 3-part development update will be f
New businesses and infrastructure developments abound in the city. The second part of this month’s development update covers the Iloilo Boulevard or Iloilo River section of the Iloilo Flood Control Project, new Food Shops in Smallville, the ongoing con
Villa Beach is a long gray sand beach in Arevalo (Villa) District located at the Southern Coast of Iloilo City. The area is popular weekend destination in the city for its row of restaurants offering affordable fresh seafoods. During the early 1990s, p
River Queen Hotel, Iloilo City. Check rates, book online, read reviews, view contact details and other helpful information.
Regatta Residence Hotel, Iloilo City. Check rates, book online, read reviews, view contact details and other helpful information.
In response to the widespread devastation of Typhoon Frank in Iloilo City, the local government has established a website to help spread information about the calamity. Dubbed as “Bangon Iloilo” (), the website contains updates and news, stories, pictu
The worst flood in decades has just hit Iloilo. More than 80% of the Iloilo City was affected and a large portion of Iloilo Province was devastated, damaging homes, agriculture, livestock and infrastructure. The widespread flash floods was caused by th
The City and Province of Iloilo is currently under a State of Calamity after a destructive storm, named Typhoon Frank (international name: Fengshen), had just battered the country with Iloilo being one of the worst hit by the disaster. Aside from Iloil
On this installment of the Google Earth Series we’ll be viewing images of Iloilo’s urban structure. Get a closer look of more places in Iloilo from the sky. Google Earth has also added another hi-res satellite image, which made it possible to get a bet
Iloilo is known for its educational institutions, which has created a society of intellectuals for more than a century. For the second part of the Iloilo City Google Earth Series, some of Iloilo’s more popular schools will be included along other inter
Now that hi-res images of Iloilo City can be accessed in Google Earth, let’s tour around the prominent and interesting landmarks around the city. From well … space, Iloilo looks quite messy compared to other cities in the country. This could be owed
Watch this video and take a tour of one of the major facets of Iloilo’s Society: Food. Get to know what Ilonggo Cooking is about and what sets it apart from other cuisines in the provinces. Feast your eyes on a colorful array of delightful treats and b
You can now get to see actual buildings in selected areas of Panay Island through Google Earth, which has recently released high-resolution images of the island. Google Earth is a free virtual globe application, where you can tour around the world and

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