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A concrete Japanese watch tower, 7 meters high with an inside diameter of 3.3 meters, and 20 centimeters thick, stands guard at each strategic place by the north and south end of the Suague Bridge in Janiuay poblacion. Serving as sentry points during t
Inaugurated in 1884, Janiuay cemetery was hailed as the most artistic cemetery in the Philippines. In fact, it was once featured in the National Geographic Magazine. Three grand staircases lead to the cemetery built on high ground and supported by a re
The old structure of the Janiuay Church, destroyed during World War II. It was built between 1830 to 1871. The ruins of the old church of Janiuay is located right beside its new church. Judging from what is left, the Janiuay Church was built as a Neocl

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