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With Iloilo City’s political climate sizzling, it seems developments are also sprouting in all corners of the city. 2010 is a year to watch for in Iloilo City not only because of the elections / change of leadership but also because it’s the year that
During the Iloilo – Guimaras Investment Forum held on September 4, 2009, at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila, a lot of discussions were bared geared towards marketing the potential of Metro Iloilo – Guimaras as an attractive investment center specific
Despite the global financial crisis, Iloilo continues to enjoy a healthy dose of new developments showing the economic resiliency of this part of the globe. Part two of this month’s update reveals developments in Iloilo City (Ateneo de Iloilo, Smallvil
Buhang Bridge and the ongoing contruction of the Jaro Floodway As Iloilo is currently experiencing heavy rains and expecting the same weather condition for the week ahead, Explore Iloilo starts its regular postings with fresh updates of the Iloilo Floo
See through the lens of an eclectic mix of photographers in Iloilo through an art exhibit now live at Red Steakhouse & Gallery. There are no themes, subjects, or groups, just independent photographers bound by the passion of their craft. Displaying
Here’s a roundup of soon to open restaurants and coffeeshops this month. It seems the food scene in Iloilo is in the upswing. There have been an upsurge of new food shops in the city this year ranging from locally owned businesses to national and inter
For the second year, the passenger arrivals in the Iloilo Airport has breached the 1 million mark  last year (2008). It has been two years since the airport has transferred from Mandurriao to the new facility in Cabatuan-Santa Barbara and it seems the
El Dorado Waterpark at Westown Hotel is the newest addition to the very popular Smallville, Iloilo’s entertainment and dining center. The Waterpark features a beautiful South American inspired swimming pool and a few poolside rooms. It has become a day
Get a taste the newest destination in Iloilo, visit The Avenue, now lined with a variety of food shops for your choosing. Connecting the two buildings of The Avenue is a spacious al fresco area where you can enjoy your food in the open air and experien
Have you ever wanted to visit Italy to absorb its rich and influential heritage or perhaps immerse yourself in the alluring Mediterranean Coast? If you’re in Iloilo, start by getting a sense of Italy through its famed cuisine at Amalfi Cucina Italia, t
Longing to sink you teeth in a tender slice of steak faithfully char-grilled to your favored doneness?  Better give your taste buds a treat and head on over to Mojave Grill and Steak House for the best steak in town! Aside from their great steaks is a
There’s nothing like having a remarkable meal to add to your list of gastronomic adventures. At Bauhinia Resturant in Iloilo, there’s always a surprise every time you explore their menu. Bauhinia is where traditional Filipino dishes fuse with modern pe
New businesses and infrastructure developments abound in the city. The second part of this month’s development update covers the Iloilo Boulevard or Iloilo River section of the Iloilo Flood Control Project, new Food Shops in Smallville, the ongoing con
On this installment of the Google Earth Series we’ll be viewing images of Iloilo’s urban structure. Get a closer look of more places in Iloilo from the sky. Google Earth has also added another hi-res satellite image, which made it possible to get a bet
Now that hi-res images of Iloilo City can be accessed in Google Earth, let’s tour around the prominent and interesting landmarks around the city. From well … space, Iloilo looks quite messy compared to other cities in the country. This could be owed

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