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Here’s a list of ongoing and proposed developments around the metro including some major infrastructures, commercial, and residential establishments. Amigo Rennovation The commercial strip/”mall” part of Amigo was closed a few months ago to give way to
Just recently, Megaworld Corporation held a public hearing and revealed their plan for the development of the 54 hectare old airport lot in Mandurriao called the “Iloilo Business Park”. Luckily Bernie was able to attend the meeting and was able to rela
Picea is known as a cake and dessert shop in Iloilo City. For quite some time now, they have been creating sumptuous cakes for Ilonggos during their most special celebrations like weddings, baptisms, and birthdays. After reading about Picea on MyIloilo
Iloilo Business Park (IBP) is a 72-hectare mixed use development project in Mandurriao district, Iloilo City, Philippines. It is developed by Megaworld Corporation and is the company’s first investment made outside Metro Manila. A majority of the Iloil
Backtrack! Creatives and Events and Bourbon Street Grill & Bar gave Iloilo the most hip and happening start of summer party for 2008 last March 28 and 29. This 2-night event featured Iloilo’s local talents in flair tending, fire zipping and fashion
Backtrack Creatives and Events together with Bourbon Street Grill & Bar present, Bourbon Summer! on March 28 and 29. A 2-night party to mark the beginning of a wild summer jammed with gimmicks, sun and fun! This celebration promises superb entertai
Bourbon Street is a popular destination in Iloilo for a culinary delight and a night of fun-filled partying styled in authentic American Bistro. The restaurant was named after a famous and historic dining and nightlife strip in New Orleans, Louisiana a
Iloilo Business Hotel, Iloilo City. Check rates, book online, read reviews, view contact details and other helpful information.
If you’ve happen to pass by the new Jalandoni bridge near San Agustin then you’ve might have noticed that much of the fishponds/swamplands nearby has been filled wih land (reclaimed). This is infact the makings of a new mixed-use commercial/residential
Savannah is a community within a bigger community, with designated areas for a proposed school, a proposed commercial area, areas for the amenities, tree parks, pocket gardens and children’s playground within each of the subdivisions, and provisions fo
Here are some of the major road projects in store for Iloilo City in 2007. Jalandoni Bridge Project The new Jalandoni Bridge near University of San Agustin was finished in 2006. Phase III and IV of the project, which is to build a road connecting the n
A few months ago I wrote about the developments in the Smallville Area. Now, some of them are already finished such as the Riverside Boardwalk and the Honda Showroom and a few are left nearing completion. Such as this two storey commercial building, wh
There are currently 4 hotels in Iloilo City that are due for opening. Judging from their current progress, they are probably due for opening during the first half of 2007 (the exact dates are unknown). They are: Unnamed Hotel/Commercial Building along
The age-old Iloilo Airport in Mandurriao District is scheduled to be replaced by a bigger and better facility located in Santa Barbara on March 2007. Let’s take a look at the performance of the Iloilo Domestic Airport to see if current trends are able
The Santa Barbara Golf Course is the oldest existing golf course in South East Asia. Built in 1907 by a group of Scots, English and American expatriates, who were working in the Panay Railways. The Sta. Barbara Golf Course started as a 9 hole golf cour

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